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    Welcome to the official website of Britain's longest, toughest, non-stop running race. The Grand Union Canal Race (GUCR) is run from the centre of Birmingham to the centre of London along the Grand Union Canal. Competitors are required to complete the 145 mile distance within the time limit of 45 hours.

    This website should provide you with all the information you require on the race including entry details, results, route details, stories and advice from previous competitors, photos and much more.

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    Latest News

    18/03/2019 - PARTYGOERS WANTED!
    Calling all past and present competitors and helpers. You are invited to a Reunion Party to celebrate the 25th running of the race, in Birmingham, on 27th April this year. Click the blue header for details. 01/11/2018 - This site is now old news!
    As of 1st November 2018, for all things GUCR (as well as KACR and LLCR) please go to canalrace.org.uk - How to Enter, Results and History are all available there. 30/08/2018 - 2019 Canalrace Entries now Open
    SiEntries is now accepting entries for the 2019 GUCR 145 Birmingham - London 25th Anniversary Edition, KACR 145 Bristol - London 3rd Edition and LLCR 130 Liverpool - Leeds 6th Edition. [Updated 27th September]

    More News
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